It is, without any doubt, the island, or better the place, to which I am more tied. There are no words to describe the beauty, the charm of Capri.

In my opinion, years ago it was even more fascinating. Today, because of the tourism, there are just a few of those many small activities that have contributed to make Capri legendary.

Only the ice-cream shop Buonocore is still alive, and of course the mythical “piazzetta” that will stay the same forever.

Talking about Capri in one article is crazy, I will not even try.

I will only suggest how to spend a full day for who has no time and cannot afford to stay at least one night.

It can be reached by hydrofoils or ferries leaving from the pier of Beverello in Naples.

Once you arrive, you realize straight away how beautiful Capri is, if you could, you would stop the hydrofoil a few meters away from the entrance of the port just to fill your eyes with Capri view.


Once you get off, you face the first dilemma: take one of the legendary Capri taxi or the equally famous funicular. Obviously, it depends mainly on what you want to save, whether time or money.

The “piazzetta” is the second unmissable stop, tiny but full of everything you need to spend some time: 3-4 bars with multiple outdoor tables, a news-stand, a bell tower and a staircase leading to the church of Capri, the perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding.

Then you have another choice, whether to go towards Via delle Botteghe or to Via Camerelle. I suggest the first option and then take the first side street along La Palma hotel that leads you in front of the most famous Capri nightclub: Anema e Core. But we’ll talk about it on another occasion.

Here we are in front of the historian Quisisana hotel and, after admiring the colors and the typical patterns of Capri costumes and polo shirts in the shop on the right (Russo), for those who want to enjoy a “luxurious” break nothing better than a cocktail at the Quisi -bar. After th necessary break, we head towards – in my humble opinion – the most beautiful streetof Capri: Via Tragara. You will be amazed by the beauty of the villas, terraces, hotels and restaurants, especially on the right, where there is a unique panorama: the beautiful Marina Piccola.

The best point where you can admire the bay of Marina Piccola is at the end, just after the legendary kiosk …. From there, after a long pause, both to admire the view and to recover energy, we begin the descent towards the sea.

Here, another choice: either Luigi ai Faraglioni or la Fontelina; for young people we recommend the first option, for those who can spend more the second one. In both cases, swimming will be beautiful.

Beaches do not exist, except at Marina Grande, and from almost any point you jump you will find yourself immediately in the open sea.

The water is almost always very clear and clean.

For those who have chosen Fontelina, after having bask in the sun on the typical sunbeds, lunch is not to be missed, obviously seafood.

Of course, it is not cheap, but it is certainly worth it.

After a sumptuous lunch, either you relax on your sunbed or you face the return. Here you have two options: the taxy boat that leads to Marina Piccola (and from there by bus or taxi you go towards the piazzetta) or, for the more daring , you can face the climb.

Final stop: a coffee or an iced tea in the piazzetta before heading (via taxi or funicular) to the port.

Finally, a tip: Capri is always a magical place but even more if you have the luck and the chance to choose when to go.

In May or middle September, during the week, you seriously risk feeling like you’re in Heaven …


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