Mappa Stoccolma

Stockholm is a very beautiful city, exactly as you can imagine it; nothing is out of its place, nothing is downgraded, everything is working and functional.

The scandinavian welfare works very well.

Since it is a city on the sea, the most beautiful part of it, is on the sea: Gamla Stan historical center is very beautiful (where there is the swedish parliament), the  Djurgården district, (or better park), with its Rosendal gardens, while the nightlife heart is Stureplan.

Sodermalm is also very interesting , hippy and alternative.

In the end for the shopping lovers there is Drottninggatan.

Restaurant are to be chosen with attention, some are not up to this kind of city, we recommend not to eat too late since the restaurant close very early. Also beware to the period you want to go, during the winter the temperature is very low, since in Spring it rains a lot, the best months are June, July and also August, every year there is the culture festival. For further information see Stockholm website.

On August 23rd, there is a very fun event, a 5 km run race full of “surprises”: the Color Run


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