Ulus 29, Istanbul

Ulus 29  is a magnificent demonstration of how Istanbul is a rich, westernized city with a vibrant nightlife.

It is located in the heart of Ulus park, on the European side, and enjoys one of the most extraordinary views of Istanbul: you can admire all the beauty and charm of the Bosphorus and its bridges, being practically right in the middle of them. Not surprisingly, nearby there are other prestigious places, among which stands out the “Sunset”, located a hundred meters away.

The restaurant is indoor, has a beautiful panoramic window overlooking the Bosphorus and has a light that creates a charming and intimate atmosphere, some tables have sofas instead of chairs. Very comfortable.

On the opposite side from the window there is a circular bar where you can drink something before (or after) dinner.

Perfect service, very fast, unusual for a local of this kind of level.

They serve a welcome small appetizer (a ball of goat cheese with walnuts) and butter accompanied by freshly baked rolls.

The menu is very varied, with both land and sea food; we recommend the tuna and avocado tartare as a starter and the grilled sea bass as a second course. The beef tenderloin as well as the meatballs with aubergine puree are also excellent. Truffle fries are also usually served . As a dessert, a refreshing sorbet.

The wine list is endless and noteworthy, all are quite expensive (it is difficult to have a bottle for less than 40 euros).

But Ulus 29 is not just a restaurant, far from it; it is also a club where, after dinner, rich and trendy young people love to spend their time. Often you can also meet players of the local basketball or soccer teams.

It consists of two rooms, both indoors, different in size and music, and in the center there is a beautiful terrace overlooking the scene (and the Bosphorus) and the restaurant.

Absolutely not to be missed.



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