Ristorante Braceria Santa Maria Novella, Firenze

A stone’s throw from the splendid Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, in an elegant historic building in Via della Scala there is this restaurant: Santa Maria Novella.

In all the most touristic cities but in Florence in particular it is never easy to find a restaurant that is not just “touristy”. As mentioned, in Florence it is almost inevitable that they are a bit ‘all but not always there is also substance.

Well, at the restaurant Santa Maria Novella I found a nice atmosphere, excellent service and I also ate well.

A delicious cut of chianina with porcini mushrooms.

Obviously accompanied by a nice glass of red wine (a Chianti).

They also offered me a limoncello.

Fair prices also because I had booked online using one of the many offers on the web.

The music in the background is also very pleasant.

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