La Paradeta, Born, Barcellona

A big surprise.

La Paradeta is perhaps the TOP for those who want to eat fish of the highest quality without draining the wallet. And this is made possible by the fact that it is a self – service restaurant. In fact it is a real fishmonger, you line up (be careful, it can be very long so you better anticipate), you enter and choose fish, especially shellfish. Then, once the various courses are ready, you are called from the kitchen, you go to get the plate, you return to your table and eat.

Such is the success of the formula, that several restaurants have opened in Barcelona, ​​at least five. I went to the one in Born.

Suggestions: oysters, fried baby squids, barbecued razor-shells, grilled prawns and grilled cuttlefish; there is also dessert.

The place is nice and the service is impeccable, and, incredible but true, there was not any kind of fish smell.

For those who love fish, absolutely not to be missed.


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