In Besiktas, and precisely in Ortakoy, so in the European part of Istanbul, directly on the Bosphorus, there is this charming restaurant: Feriye.

It is located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city; in fact, close to Feriye you can find the best hotels in Istanbul, such as the Shangri – la, the Kempiski and the Four Season.

The structure consists of a building where the kitchen and bathrooms are located, as well as an indoor hall, and two outdoor gazebos a hundred meters away where you usually have lunch and dinner.

On its left is the first bridge over the Bosphorus, one of the two bridges connecting the European side with the Asian side.

The menu is above all about seafood; I recommend a cold seafood appetizer of salmon, stuffed with fish, fish roe, mackerel, red caviar, trout and other (“Feriye’s cold fisherman platter”) and grilled sea bass with seafood and vegetables (“grilled marinated sea bass with seafood in herbs “).

Good wine list.

The bill is quite expensive each.

An interesting place for those who want to eat on the sea but there is certainly better.

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