Taverna dell’Arte, Napoli

La Taverna dell’Arte is a historic place, to which I am particularly fond of.

In a tiny crossroad of Via Mezzocannone, climbing a staircase you arrive in this delightful corner of the historic center of Naples.

A special feature immediately welcomes customers: a table outside – very romantic – in front of the entrance, obviously used only in summer.

One can not help remembering the previous owner, Alfonso; a character “sui generis”, fascinating, volcanic, a great host, who had created this small, well-frequented haunt and where they ate well.

And the same current owners have honored Alfonso leaving everything unchanged and putting, lose more, one of his photos in the main hall. Deserved homage.

We ate:

as appetizers,

hummus accompanied by vegetables and chips

then a typical Neapolitan fry

pasta alla genovese

and a green tagliatelle with red prawns of raw Mazara del Vallo

As dessert,

a Catalan cream with kiwi


And finally, a small homage to the house

To drink a Primitivo di Manduria San Marzano red wine

Warm and welcoming place and where you also eat well







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