Otoro81, Napoli

In a street of Naples historically dedicated to shopping and almost never to food, within an almost anonymous entrance is there is this extraordinary sushi – bar: Otoro81. It seems to be in a VIP room in Milan, New York or London.

As soon as you cross the threshold you immediately realize that you are in the right place. The coat is handed over to the wardrobe and down a staircase you reach the hall, which is  located downstairs, therefore without windows and without a view. It will not be a problem or a particular lack since everything else, that is what matters in a restaurant, is impeccable

The hall consists of the kitchen on the right, surrounded by a counter where, as in New York style, many diners eat comfortably, a deejay on the left that throughout the evening cheer guests making the waits for dishes less boring, however, almost never too long, and then a whole series of tables, almost all different from each other.

Very nice and tidy. Even the bathrooms are trendy with taps coming down from the ceiling.

Excellent service, quick, competent and kind, in one word: professional. Also in asking frequently if you need anything else; perhaps too much, almost to the point that it might even seem done in the interest of the local. I think it’s simply great professionalism and customer care.

Japanese menu, sushi but also other, suckling pig or other types of meat for those who do not like fish.

After a small “amuse bouche” offered by the house


we ordered Fried Shrimp in Kataifi Pastry

Then a fabulous tartare “salmon, teriyaki sauce, avocado, truffle oil“, served in an excellent way. Not to be missed.

tartare salmone, salsa teriyaki, avocado, olio di tartufo, Otoro81, Napoli

then various rolls: “shrimp tempura and ricciola alapegno“, “soft crab” and “chef’s special otoro” (with white fish).

As meat, the Spicy Miso Piglet and Friarelli’s Sauce.

To drink an excellent Terlaner, Cantina Terlano, Alto Adige 2016

A gem: to “forgive” the little wait, we were offered the typical “Wagyu Ravioli“. Very tasty


Finally, the desserts: a millefeuille

and the “Cilindro di Nocciola“, both excellent.

They also offered us the digestive. We have chosen “Jagermeister” and “Sake“, the latter to honor the evening; I must say that it is a digestive too light for my taste.

Perfect dinner, to come back without a doubt.






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