Osteria del Mare, Napoli

The “Osteria del Mare” is An unexpected restaurant. At Piazza Sannazzaro, which has always been “renowned” for the presence of pizzerias open 24 hours in practice, stands out this tiny club, objectively of another category compared to the humble neighbors. Very accurate in details, it has both an outdoor and an indoor one. Typical colors of seafood restaurants: white and blue. There is also a small boat to dispel any doubt about the type of restaurant.  

Very varied menu. There is everything: tartare, carpaccio, hot appetizers, 5-6 first courses and countless second courses of fish and shellfish. And an excellent cellar.

The owner – chef is very kind and competent.

After a glass of prosecco accompanied by an entreé consisting of tuna scalded on sour cream  

I have eaten

As appetizers, sea bass tartare and codfish battered with spinach and walnut cream  

As main course, Spaghettone cheese and pepper with smoked swordfish and Bronte pistachios.  

To drink a glass of white wine Fiano di Avellino. Chapeau.

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