La Cantina del Sargente, Ischia

In Barano, Ischia, in Via Bosco dei Conti, there is the ideal trattoria where to escape from the heat and people and above all where to eat simple but tasty Ischian cuisine: the Cantina del Sargente.

The location, far from the normal Ischian tourist routes, is located at 250 – 300 meters above sea level and is surrounded by greenery; even in the heat of summer, it is advisable to bring a sweater.

Excellent starters, from fiorilli in batter to cold cuts, from bruschetta to rolls stuffed from grilled pumpkin with sage leaves in batter.

But the island’s cult dish, the “bucatini col coniglio“, is incomparable.

Very good also the flank steak with parmesan flakes, tomatoes and rocket. As a side dish home-made fries.

Good fruit, perhaps a little ‘lacking choice of desserts and wines (2-3 red).

Moderate prices.

Friendly and kind staff.

A particularity: much of what they bring to the table comes directly from their garden.

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