Pescheria Take Away Castrese Fish Fritt, Napoli

I love eating fish and I really like the “fishmonger – restaurant” format.

So expectations were inevitably high for the Pescheria Take Away Castrese (“Fish Fritt“) and I must say that in the end it did not excite me.

We knew that it was certainly not a trendy restaurant in design, but perhaps more than a simple location is simply too little taken care of.
5-6 tables on a sidewalk, this is it.


Clearly seafood cuisine, but with some gap: no raw, no tartare and often also many unavailable dishes compared to the menu posted on the wall.

For example, there were no marinades.

Some main courses, lots of fried dishes.

I took:
Octopus salad


Then cuttlefish with peas.

Then fry calamari, shrimp and cod.

Finally cod fishballs.

Not bad but nothing memorable.


To drink Biancolella white wine.

Prices obviously low.

To come back to give it another chance.


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