La Lazzara Trattoria e Pizzeria, Napoli

Behind the Mercadante Theater, in a small little square, you will find this restaurant: La Lazzara Trattoria and Pizzeria.

Neapolitan cuisine, is both pizzeria and trattoria. It also has outdoor tables, protected in winter by a gazebo, or rather by a tarpaulin.

The interior room is not particularly well-kept, moreover, it is a simple trattoria.

The owner, Iolanda, is very nice.

Excellent bruschetta as an appetizer


Mussels soup is less good as the impepata, but it is not the mussel season so it was an error order them.

The mozzarella is disappointing; they confirmed to us that they were not satisfied as well. They could avoid bringing it to put table then.

Discrete the pizzas, especially the margherita.


Then their specialties: the “scarpariello” and especially the cod, both the fried codand the cassuola one; the latter really exceptional.

Good the barricated grapp.

Low prices.

A suitable place if you want to eat typical Neapolitan cuisine in a simple but authentic location. But be careful with the orders …



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