Il Transatlantico, Napoli

There are very few special places like the “Transatlantico”, even in a spectacular city like Naples.

It is located in Borgo Marinari, with a view of the Mount Vesuvius and the beautiful hotels along the seafront of Naples, the Hotel Vesuvio and its rooftop. But it is not only about the view, but also about the typical sound of Borgo Marinari: the swaying of the boats moored there. A poem, a dream.

Tables also inside but obviously the best ones are outdoor.

Cuisine based on fish.

I took as appetizers:

  • mozzarella and raw ham
  • swordfish rolls with mozzarella nuggets
  • cicinielli” fritters
  • octopus salad

Then a stockfish with olives and capers.

The pizza is good

To drink an excellent Falanghina del Sannio, Janare.

A place for those who want to eat away from the noise, enjoying part of the beauties of Naples.

It’s also a (small) hotel, with 8 rooms.


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