Saint Martin


Saint Martin is a caribbean island, and this would be enough to make it beautiful and special. It is divided in two parts: the dutch one with capital Philipsburg and the french one with capital Marigot.

Obvioulsy masterpieces of the island are, beyond the climate, the beaches (white) and the sea (tourquoise). While the dutch part is getting more “american”, loosing its caribbean spontaneity, due to the huge number of casinos and of the typical big american hotels (that made it very expensive), the french part has saved a more characteristic and typical aspect, more caribbean and this can be noticed mostly in the “creole” kitchen.

Very funny and particular is what happens at Maho Beach but has to remain a surprise.

From Saint Martin the excursion to the beautiful nearby islands (expecially Anguilla and Saint-Barthelemy) are typical.

Since the most beautiful beaches are very crowded (beyond Maho Beach, Orient Bay and Mullet Bay), we recommend to rent a car and go searching for less crowded beaches (in some of these you can find very nice restaurants by the seaside where you can eat wonderlful lobsters, and there are also deserted ones mostly in some little islands close to Saint Martin). You can also go to north to admire wonderlful views.

Nightlife is the typical one you can find in the americanized places: casinos, ambiguous and huge clubs. But if you search well you can also find the typical  situations that you can expect from a caribbean island: small and characteristic clubs on one of the marvellous beaches where you can simply drink  a beer and listen to music, even typical.

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