Monte-Carlo (or “Montecarlo”).

In the collective imagination, Monte Carlo is associated with luxury, gambling and a sparkling nightlife. Well, in reality it is just like this, actually even more exasperated.

Of course, you can stay in Monte Carlo even with a (relative) low budget but it is one of the few places in the world where it would not make any sense. Or you takes the best out of it or there is no real need for you to go, for various reasons, including the fact that, except luxurious places, Monte Carlo has not something really interesting to see.

In fact, the heart of Monte Carlo is the Place du Casino, composed as follows: to the left the Café de Paris, in the center the casino and to the right the extraordinary Hotel de Paris, perhaps the real emblem of Monte Carlo.

I will speak about the Hotel de Paris somewhat elsewhere, I will just say here that it is a real five star. Pure luxury.

The Café de Paris is really beautiful, where you can also eat discreetly.

I’m a little in trouble talking about the Casino, which without being a bigot is an authentic place of perdition and where huge assets are daily dissipated; I have to say, however, that it is very nice, there is a restaurant (“Le Train Bleu“) that emanates history from every corner and where you can eat very well and the real players go to the privè, which basically lies on terrace where players can smoke in peace. In fact, a gambler needs to play at the best conditions, and smoking while playing is part of the scheme. As well as “other” conditions, easily perceived (alcohol, women, etc).

Starting from the Casino Square, I recommend taking a walk to the harbor where you can admire an infinite series of mega yachts. It’s really beautiful also the castle overlooking the harbor.

And finally, for those who dare and really want to understand who they are and how the real Monte Carlo rich people live, it’s advisable to go to Monte-Carlo Beach. But without getting into the details, you have to be aware that it’s monstrously expensive, not only staying over for the night.

A tip for those who come or should go to Nice: the coach that connects the airport is very convenient and  very fast: in 45 minutes from the Casino Squar you can arrive at airport, not considering traffic.

In the end, Monte-Carlo is a place to surely visit but you need to be careful not to swallow. It could be very dangerous.


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