Unexpected Bodrum, the main port of the undervalued but wonderful Turkish coast.

Equipped with an international airport, it looks like a small Porto Cervo, with some differences: neat, with a Marina full of shops – also branded – restaurants and clubs, and a huge port with often immense boats, and in particular the typical Turkish boats , the caiques.

Bodrum, a former fishing village, is tiny and is almost entirely made up of its port and promenade that runs to the left of the port, after passing through the Bazaar – nothing special – and the shopping street; the seafront is very beautiful and is full of restaurants and clubs – also very beautiful – directly on the sea (very special is a ship – disco with transparent floor, in practice it seems to dance on the sea).

The nightlife is exciting but still nothing special, and so, after living the night – ending it with a fabulous Kebab – and after having seen the only interesting thing present on the mainland (the dominant Castle of St. Peter), it is recommended to focus on the true beauty of Bodrum and Turkey, the sea.

Rather than lock yourself in luxury resorts and hotels – very beautiful (there is also the Valtur resort and, even better, the fantastic Kempinski hotel 15 km from from Bodrum) – I definitely recommend renting a gulet or participating as individual passengers (but in that case if you do the cruise with “strangers”, something intriguing but on the other potentially “explosive” may happen, since it is essential to go along with the others in the group); there are all sorts of gulet, from those of 15 meters to those immense and wonderful of 35 meters and beyond, equipped with every comfort (air conditioning, bathrooms in every cabin, sundec, watercraft, canoes, etc.).

Usually from Bodrum you will descend towards the South both because in the South we find the most famous places (Marmaris, Fethiye, Dalaman and finally Antalya) and above all for the Meltemi which blows from North to South.

Another extraordinary itinerary is in the nearby Greek islands (in order from North to South: Samos, Patmos, Lipsi, Kalimnos, Kos – which is right in front of Bodrum -, Simi and finally the immense Rhodes, with its wonderful Lindos, a small Positano). The extraordinary thing about the gulet holiday is that often you will have a bay all for yourself, in an incredible atmosphere (the only lights are those of stars and fireflies) and waking up in the sea where you can swim as if you had a huge swimming pool all for you. It is also very fascinating to stop in the small fishing villages where to eat fresh fish. It is advisable to see the great fishiness of the turkish sea to choose a staff with fishing skills (as well as cooking ones …) and to try to “convince” (it is tiring and laborious) the “captain” “to go, even if only for once, sailing, a very exciting experience.

A memorable holiday, obviously better to avoid in August, both because of too much tourism and above all for the great heat, only partially mitigated by the fresh Meltemi.

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