Villasimius and sorroundings, it’s maybe, as also locals say, the most beautiful area of Sardinia, together with the savage Ogliastra. The beaches, Villasimius masterpiece are infinite and for every taste, hard to find better place in Mediterranean sea. First thing to do is to take mask and flipper as you have to do snorkeling. Let’s try to make a top ten (according to me better then Costa Smeralda top ten) hard challenge:

  1. Cala Caterina. Few hundred meters after the touristic port there is a small jewel,  namesake hotel’s abode (very beautiful but the restaurant was disappointing). A jem: form the belvedere on the bay you can enjoy a unique sunset. Exclusive and for vips.
  2. Timi Ama e Porto Giunco. Together with Simius, the more touristic (and crowded) but with sand (white and soft as talcum powder) and sea (caribbean blue)  wonderful colors. The most particular one is Timi Ama (very small and with cliff on both sides). Behind Porto Giunco (where  there is a beautiful beach with a baby playground and when you can drink an aperitivo) there is Notteri’s pond, very famous for the flamingo’s presence. Between Timi Ama and Porto Giunco (going snorkeling across the cliff that separates them),there is a very nice beach, the Delfino club, where to go in case of crowd on the free beach tract. Out of season.
  3. Porto Sa Ruxi. The first one you meet coming from Cagliari – 15 minutes from the centre- made of three small beaches, of which the central is the biggest one. The one on the left is better for the presence of a couple of corners where to shelter in case of crowd. Limited access as Punta Molentis, very beautiful.
  4. Piscadeddus. White and soft sand. The path is short but rough. A gem for the youngest.
  5. Cava Usai. It is in  a wonderful context, on the left there is the former granite cave and on the right Capo Carbonara and Cavoli islands. Suitable for snorkeling lovers (amazing the right tract going till Cala Burroni) and for those looking for tranquility, not the top for families with small kids. There is usually also a place for eating,  a deli track (“il girasole”). Contact with nature.
  6. Punta Molentis. Maybe the most beautiful one, but almost always incredibly crowded and so unsuitable for those searching peace and tranquility. On Punta Molentis’ right there is a beach opposite to the former but very beautiful for those preferring rocks beaches. Riu Trottu. Limited access. The top out of season.
  7. Simius. At least five beach club as the huge Tanka, full of pitchman but very beautiful in certain conditions (with a light mistral) touristic.
  8. Cala Burroni. It is right after Cava Usai and in fact is the younger sister. For snorkeling lovers, beautiful the tract to capo Carbonara. Alternative.
  9. Porto Luna – Is Traias. Small and very beautiful, on the extremities, the rocks’ presence create two amazing natural swimming pools. On the right you can access,overtaking a small hill, to Simius beach. Only flaw: sometimes the beach is invaded by seaweeds, but the stream ca clean everything up in few hours.
  10. Campus. On the left side, through a 5-10 minutes of unpaved path there is a part of free beach usually with few people. Very Beautiful and suitable for everybody. A gem.

Also “Fortezza Vecchia” and  Riso beach deserve to be mentioned (see video), that even being on touristic port’s sides, are very beautiful and good shelter in case of rough sea and Campulongu beach( very beautiful but fully equipped and so very crowded). For loneliness lovers we recommend the sunset from the cliff separating Riso beach from Campulongu.

There are two beaches out of the top ten because  Castiadas (20 minutes driving): Cala Sinzias (very long and beautiful, very nice and with a kid’s playground, Tamatete beach, (on the right side of the beach) and Cala Pira.

I want to give you also some information about Villasimius: no frills place but supplied with some very good food stores. In particular the fish shops (very good the one in Marconi street) Chiccheria ice cream and a couple of bakeries. Unfortunately restaurants and some of the bars deluding and very expensive for what they offers.

A consideration about accommodations: many possibilities (isolated villas or terraced house, by the sea or half way between beach  and town, resort such as Pulman Timi Ama or Tanka, wonderful hotels such as Santa Caterina,  a Valtur club-in Capo Boi- hotels, camping etc). Choose will be made according to individual preferences. The most beautiful and exclusive area is maybe Santa Caterina’s, also the villas between Campulongu beach and Riso beach, few meters from the beach and with private access. It is necessary a car in order to see the big amount of beaches unless you want a quiet vacation on the beach  in the chosen accommodation.

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