An afternoon in Turin.

And it was very pleasant.

As in all the cities of the world, there is nothing better than walking atound to get to know it.

Well, here is an itinerary lasting 2-3 hours.


  1. Departure: Porta Susa station.
  2. After crossing the quiet and tree-lined Corso Bolzano, you get to Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, where you can admire the arcades that reach the Largo Vittorio Emanuele II. The restaurant Gerla 1927 is very charming, even if it is too decadent inside.
  3. Once you arrive at Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange – the pedestrian shopping street full of bars – ice cream shops – go all over.
  4. You will arrive at one of the “cult” places of Turin: the Egyptian Museum which stands majestic and noble in front of the splendid Church of San Filippo Neri.
  5. Continuing, you enter Piazza Carignano; to the left there is the Carignano Theater and to the right another Top place: Palazzo Carignano.
  6. Then you get to Piazza Castello, immense and certainly the heart of the historic center of Turin, where, without forgetting the Mole Antonelliana and its Cinema Museum, there are three monuments not to be missed:
  7. The Castle or Casaforte of the Acaja.
  8. Palazzo Madama which is actually the western part of the Castle.
  9. The Royal Palace with its Royal Gardens.
  10. From there, through a small road, you get to Piazza San Giovanni where there is an unmissable place: the Cathedral of Turin (Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista), where inside there is one of the most important relics of Christianity: the Holy Shroud, that is, the veil that covered Jesus Christ before his resurrection. Truly exciting. It is also suggested to get on the Bell Tower, which is the best way to admire a city from above.
  11. Finally, a gem: a few steps from the Duomo for those who, after a lot of walking and lots of crowds, want peace and a bit of greenery we recommend a stop in one of the bars of Via Torquato Tasso. An oasis of peace.

It could be enough but, after so many historical and fascinating places, I can not fail to mention one of the main symbols of modernity in Turin and not only: Juve Stadium. It is obviously far from the center but not too much: 7 km, about twenty minutes by car. Despite being badly connected to the center (there is neither a metro nor a direct bus) it is actually in a very convenient and practical position; in fact, it is very close to the highway and dominates, slightly raised, a huge space, with lots of parking around. Although not huge, it is beautiful, both outside and above all inside. It seems to be at the cinema rather than in a stadium, in fact at the entrance of Juventus Team a game of lights and sounds is unleashed worthy of a pop music concert. Obviously there are various restaurants, bars and the ever-present museum. A place not to be missed for a football fan.

A note: almost contiguous to the center, which is very small as the whole city, there is the suburbs of Turin, which, like almost all the suburbs of the Italian city, is abandoned and full of immigrants.



















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