Le 10 spiagge più belle della Costa Smeralda
 Elenco spiagge Costa Smeralda

Porto Pollo for the surfers, Li Piscini and Mannena (told “burned boat”) in Cannigione, Li Mucchi Bianchi, Baia Sardinia, Liscia di Vacca, Liscia Renè, Cala Granu, Piccolo and Grande Pevero, Romazzino, Il Principe (the most beautiful), Capriccioli east and west (“Il Pirata”), the Celvia (the VIP’s beach), Li ‘Itriceddhi, Liscia Ruja (told  “Long Beach” since is the long est Costa Smeralda’s beach) and many others.

This is my personal Top Ten (with no winds):

  1. Il Principe: hard to reach but the most beautiful; to go very early in the morning. Paradise.
  2. Capriccioli East: easily accessibile, when the sea is rough is better to go to “the sister” Capriccioli west. It is divided in two halves (“Le Gemelle”). Wonderful.
  3. Liscia Ruja (told “Long Beach“): red color that loses itself in the sea, unique effect. Three parking, I recommend the last one to be quiter.
  4. La Celvia: the beach of  Vips. Together with the Grande Pevero, the hidest one, almost always calm sea. Two access, the one on the left is better for families.
  5. Romazzino: also site of the hotel, very exclusive. Two beds to 100 euro in the first row. Very beautiful.
  6. Grande Pevero: very big and not very equipe. Wonderful in case of sirocco. On its extremity two small  bays. 5-10 minutes walking from the parking.
  7. Piccolo Pevero: very suitable for families for the soft sand, its deepness and the proximity to the parking. From 6,30 pm there is a nice aperitive (but expensive) at the bar.
  8. Cala Granu: a small jewel, maybe the less known.
  9. Li ‘Itriceddhi: similar to Liscia Ruja but more intimate.
  10. Capriccioli Ovest: see Capriccioli East. It is divided in two parts, the on eof the left (“Le Tartarughe”) is more savage, the one on the right well equipped (“Il Pirata” ) where you can rent kajak and rubber boats. The beach where the sunsets later (together with La Celvia)

A special mention for Liscia Renè: under estimate; better to go with a rented kajak at Bagaglino (“Giardini di Porto Cervo”).

Very unsatisfying,  Rena Bianca, very long lines to park, at least 10 minutes walking from the parking to the beach, sea sometimes dirty, small and very crowded beach for the presence of different residences or since it is the first Costa Smeralda’s beach arriving from Olbia. To go only out of season.

To highlight other beaches worthy an excursion.

  • Poltu Paddha: direct access from the road to Porto Cervo . Immediately after the Hotel Le Ginestre.
  • Poltu Liccia: wildest of all, accessible to dogs.

Out of “Costa Smeralda:

  • Cala Battistoni – Baia Sardinia: good for families. Good point to go to Caprera by rubber boat.
  • Li Mucchi Bianchi: wonderful in some cases, especially when is clean.
  • Li Piscini e Mannena (told “Barca Bruciata”) a jem; not recommended for families.
  • Spiaccia Bianca, Golfo Aranci: simply beatiful.
  • Cala Sabina, Golfo a Aranci: beatiful too.

A note on parking, usually comfortable because, except for Principe beach where the two parking are both 350-450 mt from the beach, they’re very close to the beaches (especially at at Capriccioli and La Celvia): till 2012 it was 1 € per hour, but since 2013 the fare has increased   (1,5 – 2 € por hour), so many people, in order to save money, prefer to park where they found place, but this, besides being harder because of the distance from the beach, let you risk to get very high fines (about € 30,00).

An important note about the winds: in case of northeaster and levanter (east) it’s better to go to Capriccioli west and La Celvia, in case of sirocco (south-east) the top is Grande Pevero, in case of west winds, that is mistral (northwest), west and libeccio (south-west) it’s better to go to all the others east side (that is, from north to south, Cala Granu, Piccolo Pevero, Romazzino, Il PrincipeCapriccioli Est, Li Itriceddi e LIscia Ruja) and in the end in case of tramontane to avoid Baia Sardinia e Liscia Rene‘.

Here is a gift to Costa Smeralda: “the sea noise” at Piccolo Pevero:

And in the end, also not being part of Costa Smeralda, you can’t avoid to admire one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches (Cala Coticcio in Caprera, told “Tahiti“) and its unknown inlet.

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