Ristorante lo Sciatore, Pescocostanzo (L’Aquila)

Lo “Sciatore is a kind of “Paolino’s” alter ego, even if, for variety and quality is lesser then this one.

For appetizer I suggest truffle ricotta cheese, very good also the cold cuts.

The stuffed truffle ravioli are very good, but also lasagna and tomato gnocchi.

Montepulciano filet is good too, it melted in the mouth, but also the steak, for sides the chicory or hands cut fries, everything watered by a good Montepulciano.

The desserts are homemade, all every good, I recommend the nuts semifreddo covered with chocolate the other with caramel.

As digestive to try their passito, but they also have fine things such as barley coffe.

The location is very nice, the service is good, amazing the owner (Artemisia) a beautiful vulcanic woman, full of life and big entartainer.

A little bit expensive bill but the dinner is high level.

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