Positano. You just have to name it to be touched.

It is a mistery about how this magic can “stay alive”, unchanged in the centuries: houses, alleys, stairs, churches, characteristic shops, restaurants, five stars hotels and small b&b, all linked in an eternal and indissoluble and castled on a mountain welcoming this magic just as a mother and son’s hug.

It is impossible not to stay open mouth in front of this wonderful both if you get there by car (from Sorrento or from Amalfi Coast arriving from Agerola, from the pass of Chiunzi or Vietri) and you have the privilege to arrive by the sea.

Once solved the difficulty to park- the parkings are all very expensive (more then 5, 6 euro for one hour) the blue stripes places (3 euro for one hour) are limited and difficult to find- you start the descent through the Paradise.

Then flowers everywhere.

There are also many sandals, swimsuits, linen clothing and ceramic’s shops.

Then the only beach, very big, almost always very crowded and in July and August “incandescent”.

A lot of restaurants, an exaggerate concentration for the limited space; from the starred ones to the historical even if now became touristic (Chez Black e Buca di Bacco), from the pizzerie to the characteristic ones (“Da Vincenzo”).

Not to be missed the granita of the mythical Bar La Zagara. Delicious also the coffee shake.

To add still more beauty there are the beaches on the “spiaggia grande” sides, that is Fornillo (very suggestive and well organized the feast of  fish (event usually hold in september) on a side and Laurito on the other (you get there by boat) where there is an amazing beach club-restaurant (“Da Adolfo“), a cult place where is really hard to find place (absolutely to book) to make still more magical a day in Laurito is the close presence of one of the most famous south-Italy hotels:  the San Pietro. Do not to forget Montepertuso and its “ God’s Path” and “Li Galli”, famous for one of the most beautiful tracts of sea of Campania.

I can find only a negative side but it is the unavoidable result of such beauty: the too many tourists.

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