Meatin’ Cuoco e Carbone, Napoli

I’m not a meat lover, or rather I would, but obviously it is healthier to eat “fish” than meat and so I tend to avoid it as much as possible.

But one evening I‘ve been taken out for dinner at “Meatin’ Chef and Coal” and I say this from now, it was a good thing.

Very cautious and pretty location, a kind of unique large glass-enclosed environment, and all this gives a beautiful sense of “freedom”.

The kitchen is open space, a feature now present in all newly designed restaurants.

Menù based on meat and very well presented.

After a small appetizer (a ragù meatball) offered by them, as a first recommendation “Il delicato Sorrentino”, of which I faithfully portray the description as in the menu: “The first dish of Peppe Guida: the mixed pasta of Gragnano IGP risated in Chilean yellow cherry tomatoes and leaned on bufala brunoise and extra virgin olive oil with basil. The Sorrento lemon zest gives a nice touch of acidity“. EXCELLENT.

And now we go to the very best part of the menu and the whole dinner, the meat; among various choices, all of which come from irpinia animals traditionally fed, I opted for the “Vera Costata Irpina“, so described: “Thick cut and without the central bone, this 15 days steak is ideal for those who he loves the meat served rear. Served with potatoes and seasoned grilled vegetables“. At least 1 kg and so to split with the other diners but without any doubts it was exceptional.


As a side dish, try the “Chips freshly sliced ​​at the moment with truffle mayonnaise“.

Excellent the desserts too.

As for drink you have a wide choice; we have traditionally opted for a red wine, “the Aglianico Taburno DOCG Farm“; very high alcohol content (14.5%) but in my opinion it is appropriate and necessary to “face” this meat.

An interesting place, which I hope would not be overwhelmed by success, typically Neapolitan (and not) peculiarity.


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