For years I heard about it and even knowing the nearby places (Scario, Villammare and Sapri) I had never been here.

Well, I understood why it is a destination so loved by the Neapolitan bourgeoisie: it is a quiet place, full of greenery and with a beautiful sea. Very cute port.

You can get here easily even by train, but you would need a car to go around.

There are various fractions; I stayed in a very charming hotel in the historic center: the Locanda delle Donne Monache, a former eighteenth-century convent.

The historical center, though tiny, is very nice. We recommend the typical local specialty at the Avigniano Bar: lemon and cedar granita

Let’s talk about the sea, the highlight of Maratea: being almost always calm, most of the people who come here owns a ‘gozzo’ to spend wonderful sea days.

In case, instead, of rough seas or for those who prefer the beach, there are various alternatives.

I suggest:

1) the Macarro, suitable for families;

2) the Mirto, according to everyone the most beautiful establishment in the area; there is no beach but only a very beautiful sea, so much nature, in particular flowers and rocks, and therefore not recommended for young children, in fact almost completely absent. I appreciated the bar servie; I recommend the “fresa” with tomato, tuna, aubergines, fior di latte and rocket.

For the rest, a little night life, people usually meet in one of the many villas in the area for dinner.

Maratea is a very special place, not comfortable, not very cool, there are no exclusive clubs or restaurants and for this reason it is not a place with mass tourism or VIP.



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