Costa Smeralda

Criticized for its excesess and ingored by the the other areas’ locals themselves (for example those from Nuoro and Ogliastra in particular, a very beautiful but much more savage area. Very crowded in August, it deserves his names and its fame; Costa Smeralda is in fact one of the most beautiful places in the world and not by chance all the planets’ billionaires want to be there. Up tp 1962 it was “nobody’s land” but then it was discovered by the Israeli prince Aga Khan and since that moment it was worldwide known, and as international jet set place. The heart is Porto Cervo and the Costa Smeralda goes from I Giardini di Porto Cervo (between Pitrizza and Liscia di Vacca there is in fact the famous “stone”) to Rena Bianca beach, even if for others (for economic convenience?) the tract would be from Santa Teresa di Gallura (Capo Testa) to Gulf of Cugnana.

The beaches are beautiful (v. Top Ten), but what really distinguish the area is a wonderful building, high level and perfectly integrated with the environment,  that, even if maybe excessive and today no more “possible for the normative” (houses directly  on the sea with private beaches). In July and September it is the top in Europe; maybe only Formentera, some greek islands, Gallipoli and Sicily’s islands can compete but only for the sea and not for the surrounding nature and building.

We recommend to rent at least for a day a boat (from mrs. Gemma in Baia Sardinia the cost of a 4,3 mt and 40 horse power motor rubber boat is 80 euro for 4 hours or 130 for a day plus the fuell while that of 6,2 mt with 130 horse power motor is 150 euro for the four hours) to go to Caprera islands by car is a very long and harder solution; the best is to take a plane and then rent a car at Olbia Airport (the cheapest one is “Sicily by car” but beware to the lines, often also 2 hours; maybe it would be better to spend a little more in order to avoid a very long line (in this case go to “Smile rent” or “Maggiore”).

  • Bar for the breakfast: Sa Conca, Abbiadori
  • Gelateria: Pasqualina, Porto Cervo
  • Gelateria: Bosisio, Abbiadori
  • Resort and ristorante: La Petra Segreta, San Pantaleo
  • Ristorante: Jaddhu, Arzachena
  • Ristorante: Pevero Golf Club
  • Ristorante . Disco Bar: Phi Beach, Baia Sardinia
  • Things to do: the markets on Thursday (San Pantaleo) and on Friday (between Porto Cervo and Abbiadori)

Very nice is the aperitive  at Piccolo Pevero, even if it has to be avoided at the end of the season when the worse quality of services do not justify the high prices ( there is no violinist and it ends very early.

A note about Porto Rotondo, technically outside the Costa Smeralda but anyway very close: very pleasant both a walk on the port and the aperitives; it is much more authentic then Porto Cervo. And for the nightlife lovers we recommend both Smaila’s and the mythical Country.

For families with small kids we recommend an afternoon to I Giardini di Porto Cervo (there is, in fact, besides the beach a wonderful green with a play ground), Gregoland (near Porto Cervo Marina) or to Abbiadori play ground. And also a sandwich at “Panino Giusto” in Porto Cervo Marina, maybe the cheapest place to eat in Costa Smeralda, together with the spaghetteria “Elit” (in the Porto Cervo promenade), close to “Pasqualina” ice cream.

In the end a beautiful panoramic on Porto Pollo and its surrounding islands:

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