Carlyle Brera Hotel, Milano

This 4-star hotel is located in the symbolic street (Corso Garibaldi) of the splendid Brera.

The location is objectively incomparable, even for the fact that you are 2 minutes walk from Largo la Foppa and Moscova metro station. In short, very central.

The entrance and the hall are curated, which includes a bar (“Ammu Cafè”), also frequented by people passing through and where Sicilian cannoli and granite come from Sicily.


Seven floors hotel, I asked and got a quiet sixth room. The room was a “Classic”, nothing special, with a faulty monitor and a bit of a sad decor. Very hot, however, to the point that I slept without heating and with the window slightly open, although it was beginning March.

Not bad the breakfast room. Breakfast was enough for a 4 star: fruit (only pears, apples and kiwis, and to be cut), croissants, muesli, various types of bread, soy milk, packaged jams, and finally something savory, nothing amazing.

Especially in the case of an offer, if you want to stay in that area, the Carlyle Brera Hotel is a great choice.

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