During thirteenth century in this area, one of the most incredibile men of history decided to change his life, abandoning the comforts of a bourgeois  life in order to dedicate it to poors and ills; so nowadays, after about 800 years, you can feel alive San Francesco’s presence; you can feel it everywhere, both in the upper and in the lower Basilica, and in Santa Chiara Basilica, but also in the countless Assisi’s churches , in the “Eremo delle Carceri”,  (a magic place), in Assisi’s lower part, Santa Maria degli Angeli where there is the Basilica and – inside- the incredible Porziuncola,  a tiny restored church from San Francesco himself and chosen as a place to live.

And it is in the Porziuncola and it is  in the complex adjacent the Basilica that the wonderful Frati Minori of Umbria hold the SOG classes, incredible experiences for young people and couple that want to change their lives “hearing” to “Words of life”, that often have changed hundreds of people’slives.

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