If Austria is a rich and wealthy country , his capital Wien is sumptuous in its elegance (it is defined the “city of music” for the past presence of the biggest classical music compositors. His historical centre has been declared “human heritage” from UNESCO. Also Wien, as Budapest, is crossed by Danubio, that with its 2900 km is the second longest river in Europe.

Many the places to see: the imperial palace (Hofburg), the beautiful Santo Stefano cathedral, and its square (Stephansplatz), S.Augustin and St.Peters churches, the Ringstrasse with its buildings and obviously Schonbrunn Palace where it is possible to go through history and see the places where Asbourgs have lived, in particular Francesco Giuseppe and Princess Sissi.

A walk through Prater, the most important Wien public park could be very nice and relaxing.

The city’s funny side is the presence of beginner musician , in the main streets (for example,Kartner Strasse). In the end do not forget the two culinary stops: the not to be missed Wiener Schnitzel and the famous Sachertorte, to taste right at Hotel Sacher.


  • To Read: “La variante di Luneburg” by Maurensig


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