Parkhotel, Seefeld in Tirol

Seefeld in Tirol, as well as being an important ski resort, is the perfect resort for families where to spend summer holidays away from the heat and crowds of the seaside resorts and the Parkhotel is a great example.

Surrounded by mountains and greenery, it is located in a quiet part of Seefeld about 300 meters from the center; just take a few steps, cross the tracks and you are in the center of the beautiful Tyrolean town.

Equipped with rooms of various sizes, the suite is very spacious, perfect for a family with three young children. Very negative, however, the location of the toilet, which, in addition to being without a bidet, is located at the entrance while the bathroom (shower and sink) is on the other end of the suite. Austrian oddities.

The entire structure is neat, both the inside (living room and dining room) and the outside where there is a small garden with deckchairs where to bask in the sun.

Very nice the spa with a pool of about 10-12 meters where you can also swim, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a tanning bed and a massage room.

Very pleasant and symptomatic of the attention to the customer is the possibility to eat free cakes (with tea or coffee) in the afternoon.

A treat: adjacent to the dining room and divided only by a sliding door, there is a room for children, with rugs and lots of games for young and less young children. A perfect solution for families and parents who can dine in peace watching their children play.

Questionable the dinner, not at the level of the rest and in general for a 4 stars hotel; in my opinion too much revisited, it would have been better if it had been simpler, more characteristic.

Excellent, however, the breakfast; a rich buffet with yogurt, jams of various kinds, honey, muesli, bread of all kinds, croissants, and of course the savory (eggs, ham, cheese, tomatoes, etc) so appreciated especially by the north – Europeans. Only fruit was disappointing.

The quality – price ratio is very good, much higher than the vast majority of the neighboring hotels of the same level in Trentino.

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