“Pons des Arts” by Saint Germain

Enrico IV, Calvinist, said “Paris is well worth a mass” to justify his conversion to Catholicism, only way to conquer Paris, understandable choice: Paris is according to many, the most beautiful city in the world. Paris is Paris, everyone before going there has already been several times (same for London). The sensation to have already been, happens the forst time you go there; being in front of the Eifel Tower, or the triumph arc, or on l’alma bridge or Montmartre or in Place des Vosges in the Marais is seen places already known, seen many times. Few to say and suggest if not to buy a plane ticket (many solutions, often cheap), booking an hotel in one of the many wonderful arrondissement and jump in the city choosing by chance the places to eat and go, since any chosen place will be wonderful. The best period to go is probably spring – and in this case you can’t lose the Roland Garros – but I also suggest fall where the typical romantic atmosphere amplifies.

Not to be missed the view you can see from the stairs leading to Sacred Heart Basil.

Very beautiful the photo exhibitions at Jardin du Luxembourg.

For those interested to “sacred”, a visit at Rue de Bac to the Chapel is obligatory.

A the end we remember the typical touristic places (Louvre museum, Grand Palais, etc) and also everything representing the “contemporary Paris” as for example the Palais de Tokyo or the newest Fondation Louis Vuitton, or the new “chic Paris”, as Charonne and Passy (designer atelier and scrapmerchant), Huat Marais (fashion boutique and gourmet places) Butte-Aut-Cailles ( a small Montmartre hill in XIII arrondissement) or Canal Saint Martin: the sailors, artisans and printmakers, with old warehouse transformed in art or music places.

With great pleasure I add a very useful contribution given by a private transfer company (TaxiLeader):

In France not other built up area can be compared to Paris, absolute center of the country. Until the beginning of ‘900, the French capital has been the cultural capital of Europe,  imposing style and artistic and literary trends. Today it is one of the most famous touristic places thanks to its restaurants, museums, fashion brands and architecture. To attract million tourists have been also the artistic culture and its night and day life charm. The nickname given to Paris in XIX century (Ville Lumiere), the bright city, refers to this joy of living: Paris more than being a city to visit, is a place to live.  Between the several attractions to live, we highlight the most important, as the gothic cathedral of Notre Dame, rising on the small island called Ile de la cite; the Eifel tower, symbol of the city, built in occasion of the 1889 universal exposition; the Montmartre  hill district, on which there is the Sacred Heart basil. In the end also the cemetery Pere – Lachaise deserve a mention, where several famous people are buried such as Chopin, Bellini, Oscar Wilde and Maria Callas, and the Sorbonne University, located in the Latin district, theater of the students’ strike in 1968. Paris ahs three airports: Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais Tillè. The first, dedicated to the big general De Gaulle, is a very big international hub at about 25kn from city centre. Orly is at 14skm from Paris and is used for flights within Europe. Beauvois is for low cost flights and is the further from Paris (about 80km). The airports are connected to Paris by RER trains (Réseau Express Régional) and several bus lines. In spite of this, to enjoy the Ville Lumiere magic, and visit it, there is nothing better than a private transfer from and to Paris airports. To do this you need to fill the form that will let you know immediately the cost of the service. A driver will wait for you at the terminal exit holding  a sign with your name on it and will drive you till your destination.

The excursion at Versailles (30 km, 30 minutes from Paris) and also Disneyland Paris (about 45km, 40 minutes from Paris).

  • Hotel: Le Regent 
  • restaurants: Chez Toinette, Le Georges
  • Club: Buddha Bar
  • Book. “Notre Dame de Paris” by Hugo
  • Film: Midnight in Paris

At the end, after all this, after all this “beauty”,  we have to remember the history about what let the world enjoy Paris today, and nothing better than a good movie can tell it:” Diplomacy – a night to save Paris”.

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