Unlike St. Petersburg that has a certain royalty and wonderful streets and buildings, Moscow alternates the anonymous past socialist architecture to the recent richness luxury. It’s huge and for this it is better to stay in one of the centre hotel (expensive), even because the metro- beautiful and perfect example of richness-has the cyrillic signs and it is very hard to orient.

Obviously to see the historic Red Square, nearby there all monuments and city’s famous places: from the only and not to be missed San Basil cathedral to Lenin Mausoleum, the Cremlin, the Bolshoi ( brought back to the ancient tzar beauty with the renovation from 2005 to 2011, paid over 800 million euros, the Gorky Park (made still much more famous from M.Smith’s novel and the later namesake movie) and many more churches and cathedrals (in particular the amazing Christ the Savior cathedral).

  • Movie: The concert
  • Movie: The Russia Home

The russian literature is huge or anyway the books set in Russia. Here is a personal top

  • Goodnight mr. Lenin by Terzani


  • Karamazov brothers by Dostoevskij


  • Father Sergii by Lev Tolstoj


  • Crime and punishment byDostoevskij ( set in St. petersburg)


  • The demons byDostoevskij (set in St. Petersburg)


  • Gorky Parkby M. Smith (set in Moscow)


  • Anna Kareninaby Lev Tolstoj (set in Moscow)


  • War and peaceby Lev Tolstoj (set in Moscow)


  • The idiot byDostoevskij (set in Moscow)


  • Doctor Zivago by Pasternak (set in Moscow)

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